About us


In 1987, the diocese of Malang blessed the start of our movement, Holy Trinity Community (Komunitas Tritunggal MahaKudus), which was founded by Fr. Yohanes Indrakusuma. He originally joined the Carmelite order, O.Carm, but was actively involved in the life in spirit seminars. Prior to founding this community, he founded Daughters of Carmel and Carmelitae Sancti Eliae, religious communities for women and men, respectively. Holy Trinity Community formally became part of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Renewal in 2009 and soon after gained another acknowledgement in the USCCB directory in 2011.


Our community has an inverted tree organization which includes, from top to bottom, the

General Shepherd, Shepherd Team, General Constitution, Provinces, Districts, Regions, and Cells


This website belongs to North American District that includes USA & Canada. We currently have approximately 300 members within this district.



Vivit Dominus in Cuius Conspectu Sto

God Lives and in whose presence I Stand

Our Mission


To become :

  • True disciples of Christ.

  • Defenders of the Catholic faith.

  • Open to receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Convincing witnesses for Christ.

And to prepare members to:

  • Be zealous servants of Christ.

  • Serve under the guidance of the local Bishop.

  • Obtain and improve the skills needed to build the Church, the Body of Christ.