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Spirituality & Ministry

Deep devotion to Mary, following the path of Elijah & the examples of Carmelite Saints. 

We are open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Cell Meetings

Holy Trinity Community (HTC) operates in form of cell groups. Our model closely mimics that of biological cells. We evangelize others by inviting them to join a cell group, causing cells to grow in number.  After a cell reaches approximately 14 members, members are separated to ultimately form two cells. Our organizational statutes and teaching materials are fully recognized by the Holy See. 
HTC’s membership process is similar to other third order religious communities. This includes
1/2 year of aspirancy, 1 year of beginner, 3 years of temporary commitment, and followed by permanent commitment professed annually.

Carmelite Renewal Retreat 

For our members and upon request, we organize various retreats, including life in the spirit, inner healing, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and a lot other types of carmelite retreats.


Our members are encouraged to attend a retreat once a year. Due to our relationship with the Daughters of Carmel and C.S.E, we often come together for retreats.








• Teaching others on prayers

• Adoration

• Bible study and faith formation

• Evangelization in various forms and means

• Family Apostolate Services

• Youth Formations

• Prayer and healing ministries







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